The Duck and Cover Generation

Everybody is trying to make sense out of the the "Baby Boomers" coming of age party in the 1960s. The cause of this tumuletous decade of upheaval and change is no real mystery. The stage was inevitably set nearly 20 years before on August 6th 1945.The "Baby Boomers" are the first generation in the history of mankind to ONLY have known a world where man could cause a mass extinction of his own species. That existential aniexity caused the Baby Boomers to question and challenge the existing order of society that previous generations were content to accept. No longer did the old order apply in this new uncertain world where tommorow might never come. This new frenetic dynamic has been the hallmark of the "Baby Boomers" lives. Therfore to call this first generation of uncertainity the "Baby Boomers" is a misnomer, they should be called the DUCK AND COVER GENERATION.